Renault will launch an electric SUV in 2027

Luca de Meo, executive director of the Renault Group, has given new details of the future electric range of the diamond firm. Its product plan is divided into two stages: the first will cover from 2023 to 2027 and will result in a range made up of four models (the R5 and 4EVer in the B segment and the Megane and Scenic in the C segment), while the second will go from 2027 to 2031.

The latter will be based on a family of six members, two in the B segment and four in the C segment. Renault is already working on the second generation of the Megane E-TECH, which will arrive in 2027 with a new platform (probably an evolution of the current CMF-EV). In addition, the company has also unfrozen the HCC project, a large SUV that was scrapped in favor of the smaller HCB (Scenic E-TECH) project.

The new offspring of the Renault family will be launched in 2027, being in charge of crowning the manufacturer’s offer. It will debut a 272 hp (200 kW) synchronous motor developed with Valeo. This unit will be more compact and lighter; In addition, it will be free of rare earth. Gilles le Borgne, Groupe Renault’s head of engineering, has confirmed that the model will have an 800-volt system.

However, the biggest novelty will be the integration of an electronic architecture developed with Qualcomm, which will provide its Snapdragon Digital Chassis platform. Its operating system will be based on Android Automotive OS (Google). Since it will be a software-defined vehicle, it will offer numerous services and updates.

renault morphoz

Renault will collaborate closely with Qualcomm and Google

All these technologies will also appear in the next Megane E-TECH, as well as in the rest of the electric cars that Renault launches in 2027 in the C segment. We can assume that the third member of this offer will be the Scenic E-TECH second generation, which could see the light of day in 2029.

It is still not entirely clear what the fourth will be, although guided by the strategy followed with the Austral family, we can expect it to be a “coupé” SUV. While the full-size SUV could resume the Espace name, the “coupé” would be called the Avantime. Another possibility is that it is a saloon, but there is little chance that Renault will bet on this format again in the medium term.

Renault Product Plan

Scenic, Espace, and Avantime will share development since the second will be an elongated variant of the first, while the third will be presented as a “coupé” derivative of the second. Despite this, they will all have a different aesthetic. On the other hand, they will share a platform with the next Megane. For their part, segment B proposals will remain faithful to the CMF-BEV platform. Source: Largus

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