Renewed Tesla Model 3 Spotted For The First Time

Just a few days ago we told you about the “Highland” project, through which Tesla will undergo a major restyling of the Model 3, which has been on sale for more than five years. This updated version, whose production will begin next year, will not be a facelift to use, since the goal is to simplify the design of the vehicle and eliminate unnecessary parts.

Now, a follower of the brand has been able to photograph a test unit of the new model in a parking lot. The copy in question has both the front and the rear camouflaged, which reinforces previous rumors that indicated that the bumpers and headlights will receive important modifications with the arrival of the restyling.

Although the interior is also expected to receive changes (a 17-inch screen like the Model S, the removal of almost all the physical controls on the dashboard, etc.), none can be seen in the images. It is possible that being an original prototype, it does not incorporate all the improvements present in the final model.

The mechanics will also be optimized since both the propulsion unit and the batteries will receive important new features. The general efficiency will improve, which will result in lower consumption and greater range. Tesla could also use structural batteries to improve the use of space and reduce weight.

The Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling electric car in the world from 2018 to 2021

Like the Model Y, the refreshed Model 3 could also have variants with cells in 4680 format. All these improvements should allow the American sedan to improve its range, which currently stands at a maximum of 626 km WLTP in its Long Range variant. AWD with 18-inch wheels.

Tesla Model 3

Nor can we rule out that the structure of the car is simplified, replacing some pieces of stamped steel welded together by large cast blocks. This solution would be used in the front, center, and rear frames, making production much easier and improving the profit margin per unit.

The Tesla Model 3 “Highland” will start manufacturing at Giga Shanghai (China) in the third quarter of 2023. Later it will also be assembled in the United States (probably in Fremont); In addition, at some point, it will reach Giga Berlin, which currently exclusively produces the Model Y for the old continent.

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