Toyota Aygo 2022: What will the new design be like?

The new Toyota Aygo 2022, the urban one from the Japanese firm, is already on its way and it will bring a makeover that today we anticipate with this render.

The third generation of the Toyota Aygo is already on the way. There have been several occasions in which photographers have hunted different prototypes facing the development program, in a quite advanced state. Therefore, today we want to show you what the new image of the Toyota Aygo 2022 will be like with the first render before the model officially debuts at the end of next year.

The new Aygo, which will continue to be assembled at the Kolin factory, in the Czech Republic, has been seen in several spy images like those shared by our colleagues at LatestCarNews. In them, we can see a vehicle in a fairly advanced stage of its development program. Under the camouflage, you can distinguish several of the design lines of a model that, this time, will be unique to Toyota and will have no brothers from other brands.

Toyota Aygo 2022 Design

The Toyota Aygo 2022 that we show you in the render that illustrates these lines is inspired by its older brother, the Toyota Yaris. The new generation of the utility will serve as the basis for a change in the image of the urbanite, which leaves aside the design in the shape of ‘X’ of the current generation. The proportions will hardly change, but we have a higher front and with new headlights in a horizontal arrangement and more separated from each other.

On the side, we find a new line of windows that rises gently towards the rear. Meanwhile, vertically arranged headlights with a smoother underside are expected at the rear of the new Aygo 2022. The rear end will offer a sportier image, while the whole package will be based on Toyota’s GA-B platform, the same one on which the Yaris is based, but shortened for the Aygo.

Its official presentation will take place before the end of 2021 and the first units will arrive at dealerships early next year. It will be equipped with a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 80 hp. For the moment, Toyota is ruling out an all-electric version due to the high cost of development and subsequent marketing, as well as a plug-in hybrid variant. Not what is not ruled out is the incorporation of electrified technology into the equation to reduce emissions, be it a traditional hybrid or a semi-hybrid.

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