Toyota electric technology brings back the thrill of driving

As scheduled, the Tokyo Mobility Show opens its doors with important news and presentations. Toyota's FT-Se Concept will be the most talked about

Toyota wants to celebrate the opening of its home show, the Tokyo Motor Show, with important launches. The Japanese reject that they are not adapting well and quickly to the electrical current that already dominates the motor industry. Although, for now, it only offers a 100% electric model, the future will be very different. The general plan includes the launch of 30 models before the end of the decade. Many of them will be conventional vehicles, SUVs, and sedans, but a few others will focus on emotions. The Toyota FT-Se Concept that has just been presented is one of the latter.

A few days ago Toyota warned of the launch, although there were few clues it provided. Just a couple of images that teased, yes, a sporty prototype. We also knew his name then and now the whole cake has been revealed, although the information is still too scarce. The Japanese have not provided performance data, battery capacity, or technical details. What they have made very clear is that the FT-Se focuses on the driving experience, mainly on circuits.

The Toyota FT-Se will become a real model before 2030

This basic concept takes us to other great sports cars developed by Toyota such as the Supra, but in this case, we are talking about a more compact format. Back in the 1980s, the Japanese launched a small and playful sports car into the world that they officially called the MR2. Compact and with a wheelbase short enough to guarantee as much fun as performance. For decades, the MR2 was one of the most beloved sports cars by motor lovers, until 2007 when it said goodbye without leaving a successor. Toyota entered the hybrid era and there was no room for passion or fun, until now.

Toyota FT-Se Concept

With the arrival of electrification, the Japanese want to recover that lost essence. The GR division, Gazoo Racing, was born to return Toyota to the position it should never have abandoned. There will be rational and logical electric cars, but at the company headquarters, they want to take advantage of the opportunity to launch unique sports cars. At the moment, there are no specific deadlines for launching the FT-Se, or its street version, on the market. The indicated deadlines suggest that it will be before the end of this decade, but, for now, the lack of information is the general trend.

Toyota FT-Se Concept interior

At first glance, the appearance of this prototype could have come straight out of any video game. The proportions indicate that we are looking at a compact car, approximately 4.2 meters, with a cabin located in the center of both axles. The laborious aerodynamic work is noticeable, highlighting the large rear spoiler and the enormous lower diffuser. From the inside, it offers an environment that is as modern as it is driver-focused. The screens, three, offer different types of information, while the yoke-style steering wheel looks like something out of a real racing car. Nothing to do with the latest solution that Toyota proposed to us a few days ago with a steering wheel that includes the pedals.

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