Toyota GR Corolla 2023: First data and photos

Toyota has just revealed the main data and first photos of the new GR Corolla, the sportiest and most powerful version of this compact.

Toyota’s GR sports car range welcomes the new GR Corolla 2023, the most powerful and extreme version of the Japanese firm’s popular compact car. Initially, the information revealed by the Japanese manufacturer is relative to the North American market. In the case of his possible arrival in our countryat the moment it has not been confirmed.

The maximum power advertised for the GR Corolla is 305 hp at 6,500 rpm . The engine that will drive this sporty version of the compact is the same as the one already incorporated in the GR Yaris, that is, a three-cylinder 1.6 turbo gasoline, with direct and indirect injection systems and variable intake and exhaust distribution.

The transfer of all the strength of this sports car to the asphalt is done to all four wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox. Its all-wheel-drive system, through a multi-disc clutch, can distribute the torque between the two axles in three different ways: 60:40, 30:70, or 50:50. True to the essence of sports cars, this version incorporates Torsen type limited-slip differentials both front and rear.

Toyota GR Corolla 2023

From the point of view of its design and due to the incorporation of typical aerodynamic elements in a sports vehicle, the length of the vehicle increases by up to 4.41 m (the rest of the “civilized” versions of the Corolla measure 4.37 m in length ). The front and rear track width are also greater in this version and sports additives include a rear spoiler, a grille and front bumper of specific design, three exhaust outlets at the rear, a new braking system, and alloy wheels. up to 20 inches in diameter mounted on Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires measuring 235/40.

The interior also presents another series of design elements typical of a sporty vehicle, such as seats with specific ergonomics, aluminum pedals, numerous chrome inserts, and the GR logo that is well present in various parts of the passenger compartment. Inside, the new 12.3-inch screen does not go unnoticed either, in which data as specific as turbo pressure, G-forces, torque distribution of the traction system, and engine revolutions, among others, can be displayed.

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