Tesla Model 2 New Images and New Details

Price of €25,000, about 4.25 meters long and, at least, 400 km of autonomy. Tesla will attack the compact segment with a new car that aspires to revolutionize the electric market.

Everything Tesla does or announces always sounds like a revolution. And the new Tesla Model 2, or Model C (as some coin it) is not going to be an exception. Officially announced already in 2022 by the always visionary Elon Musk, the so-called “baby” Tesla will be, increasingly soon, a reality. Everything points to the fact that in 2023, in just over a year, we will see it on the roads.

But what will this new Tesla Model 2 or Model C be like? Well, without a doubt, the entry model to the brand and the car that aspires to democratize the hitherto exclusive North American manufacturer of electric cars. The starting price announced is 25,000 euros, which is not bad considering its compact size: the promise is that it costs in practice like a thermal Volkswagen Golf.

If confirmed, without a doubt, we will be facing an enormous growth of the brand, since for the first time it would reach social strata that yearn for a Tesla but have never been able to afford it. Another promise in addition to Elon Musk is that no brand car will ever have less than 250 miles of autonomy, which is more than 400 kilometers as a pure electric. Tesla cannot afford to take steps backward… or false steps.

Located like this in the range below the Tesla Model 3at the moment the brand has only shown a sketch of the future model, although our colleagues at Kolesa.ru have already made the first illustrations of this new compact model. Of course, it will have an attractive dynamic line, in line with the company’s creations so far.

Tesla Model 2

With 5 doors, a fairly aerodynamic body, and a rear line that culminates in a semi coupé format, the new Tesla model will also stand out for its large tires and short overhangs. Many features of its aesthetics are reminiscent of the current Tesla Model 3  and Model Y, obviously larger.

With a length that will be around 4.25 or 4.30 meters, the Tesla Model 2 aspires to become a tough rival to the current VW ID.3 and Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric. Its interior will bear similarities to the brand’s current products, being very minimalist and featuring a huge touchscreen for the information and entertainment system, also vertically oriented. Taking advantage of its electric architecture and a long wheelbase, it also promises to offer large interior space and ample habitability.

Tesla Model 2 Up to 566 Km of Electric Range?

As for technology, the first information indicates that the Tesla Model 2 will have the 4,680 battery cells that it already uses, reducing its production cost. That will allow it, while it could launch access versions with 400 km of autonomy, to further extend its range with variants that even reach the 566 km that the Tesla Model 3 Long Range already shows today. A sports version with dual electric motors would also be in the brand’s forecast.

It is not yet planned that the Tesla Model 2 bets on a total autonomous driving system, as Elon Musk announced years ago, but it does equate the brand’s Autopilot system, along with all the latest ADAS systems available.

Tesla’s first electric compact could be manufactured in the brand’s gigafactory in Shanghai, China, although there are also reports that it could be produced at the same time in the new gigafactory in Berlin, Germany.

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