Citroen C5 2022: First Look & Rendering

Expected for mid-April, the Citroen C5 is currently in the final stages of its development. Surprised once again by our photographers, the French promises to follow the same recipe as her sister C4 while bringing in several “personal” ingredients.

Days go by and the future Citroen C5 2022 is less and less discreet. As proof, the large sedan has once again come under the eye of our photographers. But unlike previous images, it was in Europe – and not in Asia – that the new Chevrons sedan was surprised. Up close, we can now grasp all the proportions of this third generation, which Citroen wished to be far removed from the standard sedan. To seduce followers of the SUV genre without degrading its efficiency, the future C5 will rely on a slightly raised ground clearance, large wheels, and a tailgate very inclined to the rear. An approach that is reminiscent of the last C4, whose style is also the subject of debate. Without a doubt, this C5 2021 will not appeal to everyone in terms of style.

Citroen C5 2022 Max wheelbase

On the other hand, inside, the promised to take care of the livability to offer a pleasant car to live in. The extended wheelbase, possibly larger than that of the Peugeot 508 L sold in China (2.85 m) should benefit rear passengers.

Also, the more modern electronic architecture allowed by the latest update of the EMP2 platform will allow the C5 to stand out from the rest of the range. On the other hand, the manufacturer should pursue the idea of ​​certain minimalism for the counter screen initiated in the C4. No need to expect a large i-Cockpit-style surface at Peugeot. For multimedia, you have to bet on a surface similar to the screen of the C4 – 10 inches, horizontal, only in the mid-range.

Citroen C5 2022

No 4×4

Made in China, the 2021 C5 will rely primarily on PureTech gasoline engines (130 and 180) to start its career, but also on plug-in hybrid technology already widely used at PSA. No need to wait for a 4-wheel drive version, the C5 will be satisfied with the 225 hp chain made up of the 1.6 turbo 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor integrated into the EAT8 gearbox.

Citroen could then offer a less powerful variant, why not around 180 hp. But those who expect diesel at all costs on this future Citroen road could well be disappointed because nothing says that the 1.5 BlueHDi is not renewed. Finally, not sure either that the sedan still offers the mechanical box, like a certain DS 4.

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