Tesla gave some important tips about its affordable car

Although he has not confirmed issues such as his name or date of arrival, he has revealed other important aspects.

Although it has not confirmed anything directly, Tesla has given several very important clues about its next generation of electric cars.

It was expected that, on the occasion of Tesla Investors Day, the brand would speak clearly and openly about a new model, giving data on its electrical scheme, size, and even its price or name. To find out all of the above, it seems that we will have to wait a long time (some other year, probably), but the brand has indeed revealed several technological aspects about this new generation of models that is about to arrive, in addition to announcing how many units plan to produce and where to produce it.

Although it was not mentioned explicitly during the event, later, through a more leisurely explanation on social networks, the brand confirmed that the newly announced factory in Mexico is where the series production of the new generation of models.

In this new factory, the brand will implement new methodologies and technologies, both at the production and product levels. It will be the first to completely dispense with the use of rare earth in its motors and its internal electronics will be entirely the work of Tesla. It will also be the first to make use of an onboard electrical system supported by a 48 V network.

All these solutions will lead the brand to reduce total production costs by $1,000 according to the models it currently produces, which leads to addressing another fundamental aspect: price.


Only through a contained price, the brand will be able to aspire to produce the total number of units that are being considered from the beginning: more than 700 million, a large number compared to what is planned for the rest of the generations. Depending on the current product portfolio and those that are planned, five different generations can be distinguished, the fifth being the protagonist of these lines.

On the one hand, the Tesla Model S and Model X belong to the first, while the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y would be included in the second. Independently the Tesla Semi and the Cybertruck and a new minivan or van of size would make up a fourth generation. Of all these, the one belonging to the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, with 380 million total units, is the one that will be produced the most, but it does not represent anything more than half of what Tesla intends to manufacture with its new generation.

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