The 10 electric cars with the longest range

Movement again in the top ten list of electric cars with the longest range. The electric car with the longest range is still the Mercedes EQS 450+ with 783 kilometers according to the WLTP standard. The Mercedes EQE is in second place with up to 639 km, although the range has recently shrunk somewhat. The Ford Mustang Mach-E with an unchanged range of up to 610 km is now in third place.

We have removed the Tesla Model S Dual Motor with a range of 652 km (like the Model X with 560 km, previously 8th place). There is no telling when the two cars can be ordered again in Germany. According to the Tesla configurator, they can currently only be pre-ordered; no price is mentioned.

There are also changes further back because the ranges increased in the VW Group. 7th place now goes to the VW ID.3 with the 77 kWh battery. 8th place now goes to the Cupra Born with the same battery. 9th place in our ranking is shared by the VW ID.5 2WD and the Skoda Enyaq 80, both of which cover 544 km. The Tesla Model Y just makes it into the list with 533 km, while the Mercedes EQA 250+ had to give way with 531 km.

Mercedes EQS: 783 km range

The electric car with the longest range is the Mercedes EQS. The EQS 450+ version comes close to the 800 km limit with up to 783 km. The large 108 kWh battery, good aerodynamics, and rear-wheel drive help her. By omitting a front motor, the EQS 450+ is even more economical than the all-wheel-drive versions. But they also manage up to 696 km.

Mercedes EQE: 639 km range

In second place in our top ten range is the Mercedes EQE, which in the 300 and 350 versions with the greatest range now achieves up to 639 km according to the WLTP standard. Unlike the EQS, there is only an 89 kWh battery on board, but the EQE is smaller and lighter. As with big brother, the weaker versions with rear-wheel drive have the largest radius of action.

Ford Mustang Mach-e: 610 km range

Ford also has a good horse in the stable with the Mustang Mach-E, if this joke is allowed. The extended-range version with 91 kWh usable battery capacity and rear-wheel drive can cover 610 km on one charge. That’s enough for third place in our ranking.


BMW iX: 607 km range

The iX xDrive50 version of the BMW iX is now fourth among the electric cars with the longest range: until recently, the best version for the xDrive50 managed 630 km, putting it ahead of the Ford. But now the PDF price list only shows a maximum of 607 km. The reason is probably that the car is currently not available with the basic equipment, but only as an edition model until the end of 2022 – more equipment usually means less range.

Tesla Model 3: 602 km range

The Tesla Model 3 in the “Maximum Range” version (aka Long Range) lands just behind the BMW. The four-door sedan manages 602 km with one charge of the approximately 82 kWh battery. Tesla specifies the power consumption of the long-range version as a record-breaking 14.7 kWh/100 km. The model with the greatest range is not the rear-wheel drive, which only manages 491 km (probably because of a smaller battery). 

BMW i4: 590 km range

The BMW i4 eDrive40 can travel 590 km on one battery charge; this puts him in seventh place in our ranking. Here again, the rear-wheel-drive is more economical than the all-wheel-drive: The i4 M50 has a range that is 80 km shorter with the same 81 kWh battery.

VW ID.3: 558 km range

Whether it is due to new software or something else: The VW ID.3 not only has a charging capacity of up to 170 kW, but the range has also increased. The Pro S version, which has the greatest range, now manages an impressive 558 km as a four- and five-seater on one charge – only two kilometers less than the much more expensive Tesla Model X.

Cupra Born

Cupra Born: 548 km range

The Cupra Born, which is practically identical in construction to the VW ID.3, manages up to 548 km in 8th place. The fact that it manages 10 km less than the ID.3 with the same 77 kWh battery is no wonder because with 170 kW he has a stronger drive.

VW ID.5 and Skoda Enyaq 80: 544 km range

Until recently, the VW ID.5 was specified with a maximum of 516 km, now the rear-wheel-drive Pro with 128 kW and Pro Performance with 150 kW are no less than 544 km in the configurator. The two VWs now share ninth place on our list with another climber: the Skoda Enyaq iV in the 80 version, which was recently specified with 529 km and is now expected to achieve 544 km. Incidentally, the Enyaq Coupé with the same motor-battery combination is said to cover 545 km, but this variant is not yet configurable.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y: 533 km range

The Tesla Model Y has been available to order in Germany since the summer of 2021; however, the cars do not usually come from Grünheide, but from Shanghai. The version with the widest range is the variant “Maximum range” – logically. At 533 km, it manages a few kilometers more than the performance variant, which is specified at 514 km. 

We have only included models in our list that are currently on the market in Germany. It does not include vehicles that are not yet available, such as the  Lucid Air  (900 km), the Mercedes EQS SUV (660 km), or the  Lightyear 0 (625 km). Cars that are not currently configurable are also left out. In addition, we have only considered each model with the motor-battery combination with the greatest range.

Another note: For many model variants, the manufacturers do not give a single value for the range, but a range, for example, “642 – 783 km” for the Mercedes EQS 450+. This information relates to different equipment, in particular different wheel sizes. In these cases, we have entered the maximum range, in this case, 783 km.

The real ranges are usually lower. According to our range comparison test with 12 electric cars, the achievable range is on average 33 percent below the WLTP values. So just subtract a third of the WLTP range. The range is reduced even further in bad weather, low temperatures, high speeds, and frequent acceleration.

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